About Us

Our story begins over 40 years ago, and we started to write it with the hope of working together to aid people´s wellbeing and with the desire to fly and reach new heights.

This is how Broncolin was born.
Today we are proud Mexican company, and we work tirelessly to develop medicines, multiple food products and nutritional supplements that support the health and wellbeing of each one of our customers.

As a result of the hard work, perseverance and dedication of our chemists, researchers, specialists and support of our 300 collaborators, today Broncolin is a leader in the market of herbal syrups.

Our Broncolin products currently reach over thousands of Mexican families throughout the country, and because of our effort and our determination to fly higher, we have celebrated over 30 years of presence and distribution in the U.S.

It´s true that our strongest products are syrups, caramels, ointments and teas, but everyday we work towards innovating our products for our customers, such as personal care line (soaps and shampoos), as well as a great variety of sweets and lollipops.

And we keep setting flight for more!

Our Product Line